Pioneer, tycoon of the Vietnamese hair industry


Why do we do what we do?

We believe that every individual deserves to enjoy joy in this life outside of daily work. We believe in a happy and confident life for everyone through high quality hair products. We also believe in thinking differently. That is our mission and vision.

Where Elites Gather To Grow Together

“Here we not only provide 100% quality human hair, but also provide dreams”

How do we do that?

We established AWEN HAIR COMPANY, 100% human hair factory. We use advanced technology and high quality 100% human hair raw materials to produce the most beautiful hair products with high durability. We design hair styles that suit the trends and needs of customers, from Bulk hair, Weft hair, Tip hair, Tape hair, Clip in hair, Ponytail, Clsoure/Frontal/Wig, Topper

We provide support policies for customers when buying and using products, such as warranty, exchange, free shipping, etc. We train and educate our customers on how to best use and maintain our products, as well as how to recommend and sell them to others. We reward customers when they refer and sell products to others, based on sales and number of new customers.

“Even if I have to go all over the Earth, I have to go to select the World’s Best Hair”

What do we do?

We are a company specialized in manufacturing and trading high quality 100% human hair hair products to the Global market for the past 24 years. In the past 24 years, it has produced and sold more than 30,000 tons of human hair and was interviewed by New York, German, British, French and Vietnamese newspapers in 2012.

“We already have many Salon partners all over the world.” All our products are made with our commitment and care, ensuring our customers soft hair products. , smooth, glossy, tangle-free and thick from top to bottom and offering our customers, partners and associates tours of diverse cultures each year.


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Nguoi Lao Dong is the daily newspaper of the Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee, established on July 28, 1975. In addition to the daily newspaper, the Laborer also has an supplement World @ specializing in information technology development. weekly Thursday. However, the supplement World @ has been discontinued from July 25, 2015. Currently, Nguoi Lao Dong newspaper operates under a converged editorial model. Simultaneous execution of print, television and electronic newspapers.


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